Maurer Heating – Commercial Services

Whether you need new or replacement HVAC equipment, or need your current equipment serviced, let Maurer Heating and Cooling be your Commercial HVAC Service Provider. Our Equipment is efficient, our technicians are reliable and our expertise is undeniable.

Our world of Cooling

No Matter which of our services you choose to utilize, we are “Your comfort & energy savings specialist.”

From routine Maintenance that will keep your businesses heating and cooling equipment running smoothly, to reliable, professional service technician 24/7. For almost 80 years, customer service has always been our number one priority and that doesn’t change once we make a sale. We’ll find ways to save you money through extensive energy savings including utility rebates. Servicing Shiawassee County, Greater Lansing and the surrounding areas.

Scheduled Maintenance and Reliable Service

From Scheduled Maintenance to Reliable Service

Since 1935 your heating and cooling needs have been our priority. We offer a wide range of services that cover all of your businesses’ HVAC needs including a maintenance plan meant to keep your equipment in the best shape possible.

Our Preventative Maintenance program keeps you from paying expensive and unexpected repair bills. When you have several thousand dollars invested in your heating and cooling system, you can’t afford to have it fail. Routine, scheduled maintenance will allow us to recognize and repair an issue before it becomes a significant problem.

To find the maintenance plan that fits your needs call us at 989-723-4220

Precision Tune-Up & Professional


24 Hours, Seven days a Week, Emergency Service


Fewer Expensive Repairs & Inconvenient Breakdowns


Discounts on Any Repair, both Material & Labor